Who we are….

Well… here’s the bottom line.

I’ve been involved in magazine publishing for over 30 years and have visited with thousands of small business owners. One of the things that I have learned from many, many conversations is that people think putting together a newsletter is just one big hassle.

Every business knows they should have one, knows it’s a great way to connect with customers, knows it will increase their sales and reputation – but 99% of all business owners never get around to actually producing one.

That’s totally understandable given the 80 hour (or more) work week of most small business owners. And, even if you find a company that will provide you with some articles for a newsletter you still have to add in all the personal information yourself – or spend hundreds of dollars a month to get something that you can use.

How does that help your bottom line?

This is the whole idea behind Branded Newsletters. My years of experience ensure that you will get a complete product that will SAVE you time, not add more to your workload.

Outsmart your competition like other businesses in the club are doing – your competition will be dumbfounded wondering how you create such high quality branded newsletters on such a regular basis!



Tami Crea
Branded Newsletters CEO